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1. Acheter Bitcoin
  invest 0.002 btc return 0.12 btc in 24 hours
Acheter Bitcoin Online is a new range of cloudmining services brought to you by the Acheter Bitcoin Online team of cryptomining experts
Your site here for $850
2. 10X BTC
We provide the fastest bitcoin multiply. We need just 10 minutes to multiply 10x your bitcoins. All you need is just to send us your bitcoins, and wait up to 10 minutes to receive the multiply bitcoins back to your address! GUARANTEED!MULTIPLY 10x YOUR BITCOINS WITHIN 10 Minutes!
Your site here for $750
3. Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
  • 2100% of your spend in 24 hours
Your site here for $650
4. 60er Investment
ROI 3000% after 12 hours
Your site here for $550
5. 45X Crypto
Pay $2250 for $50 USDT deposit
  • Multiply 45x Your Bitcoins In 2 Hours!
Your site here for $450
6. Bitcoin Suisse
Return 50x in 4 hours
Pay 0.01 BTC, get 0.5 BTC In 4 Hours.
  • Bitcoin Suisse Club Return 50X in 5 Hours Min 0.005 btc.
Your site here for $400
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How to Invest and earn big profit from HYIPs?

First, You need to have one Perfect Money account?

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Second,You need to fund your Perfect Money account.

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How to Start Investing in HYIP?

1,You need to register an e-currency account : Perfect Money ; ; Bitcoin or Ethereum

2,Buy E-currency From Exchange company: Buy Perfect Money ; ; Buy Bitcoin or Buy Ethereum

3,Choose a HYIP and Make Your Deposit, Then Waiting for your payment

4,Receive Your Interest and Reinvest or Sell e-currency: Sell Perfect Money ; ; Sell Bitcoin or Sell Ethereum

The Lastest Crypto Proof of Payment

Hyip News 2017

January 01 2018: Happy New Year EveryBody! Two programs was removed from our HYIP List. the Bitcoin 1000 min deposit is 0.1 btc on new year.

December 28 2017: Bitpay Starts Implementing Bitcoin Payment Protocol Invoices Decreasing Wallet Support.

December 24 2017: Merry Christmas! It is a bitoin year. We hope all investors can make big profit on hyip world on 2018 year.

December 23 2017: Korean Authority Slaps Exchanges With Licensing Requirements.

December 21 2017: 13X BTC reduced the min deposit from 0.1 btc to 0.05 btc.

December 20 2017: Coin Bitcoin Turn 0.01 btc into 1 btc in 24 hour.

December 18 2017: bitcoin multiplier x100 min deposit is 0.03 btc . Bitcoin Gold Price Technical Analysis - BTG/USD Approaching Break?

December 15 2017: Bitcoin Analysis December 18, 2017.

December 11 2017: Gold Stock Investment min deposit is 0.01 btc now.

December 07 2017: The Obvious Bitcoin Christmas Gift Guide 2017.

December 03 2017: ‘No Regulation Needed’ – Moscow Stock Exchange Plans to Trade Bitcoin Futures.

December 01 2017: New $100 Million Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund to Use XRP.

November 29 2017: Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier min deposit reduced to 0.01 btc.

November 28 2017: Blockchain Based Lucyd Builds World's First Ergonomic, Prescription-Ready Smartglasses on Its 13 AR Patents.

November 26 2017: Swiss National Bank Chairman on Crypto: "Central Banks Are Working on This Very Intensively".

November 23 2017: Top Wall Street Analysts Set New Bitcoin Price Targets Above $10,000.

November 20 2017: The Price of Bitcoin Exceeds $8K Across Global Exchanges.

November 19 2017: The Newest HYIP Big Easy Bitcoin added into our Paying HYIP List.

November 17 2017: Bitcoin Stock added new bitcoin payment proof.

November 15 2017: BTC/USD and BTC/JPY Technical Analysis November 15 2017.

November 13 2017: Confusion and Euphoria As Bitcoin Cash Surges Past $30 Billion.

November 10 2017: India's Largest Blockchain Network, Auxledger, Backs Cashaa for All India Operations.

November 08 2017: One Hour HYIP add new payment proof.

November 03 2017: Ukraine Drafts Law to Exempt Crypto Income and Profits from Taxation.

November 01 2017: The King Capital Investment was closed , It was running for 4 years, It is a good hyip. Many Investors made profits from them.

October 29 2017: Japan's SBI Group Launching Eight Crypto Businesses Including Mining.

October 25 2017: South Africa's Bidorbuy Sees Sixfold Increase with Bitcoin.

October 23 2017: Bitcoin 100 min deposited is 0.02 btc now, they are paying more than 6 months.

October 20 2017: The Price of Bitcoin Touches New Highs Reaching the $6K Mark.

October 18 2017: JPY, USD, and KRW Accounts for Over 90% of Bitcoin Traded on Exchanges.

October 16 2017: Meet the New Bitcoin Cash P2P Exchange Localbitcoincash.org.

October 14 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; Riding High Into The Late Session.

October 12 2017: New HYIP SITE BCKKE BITCOIN LUNCHED , You can invest in this new hyip.

October 11 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; $5,000 In Sight.

October 10 2017: Fundstrat Global Advisors Create Bitcoin Indexes.


October 4th 2017: Bitcoin Money Insurance was scam now , Please don't invest now.

October 1st 2017: Japan Endorses 11 Different Crypto Exchanges, Turns Into Friendliest Asian Bitcoin Market.

September 27 2017: Fast Return Investment redueced min deposit to $100, It is a good news for small investors.

September 25 2017: Bitpay Adds Bitcoin Cash Support to Copay Wallet and Insight Block Explorer.

September 24 2017: Legit HYIP add new payment proof, It is the longest hyip program.

September 22 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; Not What We Wanted But Not All Bad.

September 19 2017: HYPM Investment Fund was closed, all lost investors were refund by Paying HYIP Online.

September 17 2017: Japan's FSA Approves Coincheck's Bitcoin Exchange License.

September 14 2017: Korea's Coinone Launches Physical Cryptocurrency Exchange.

September 13 2017: BTC/USD and BTC/JPY Technical Analysis September 13 2017.

September 10 2017: BTC Single min is 0.02 btc , They are paying on time for 2 months.

September 08 2017: Top Indian Bitcoin Exchange Integrates With Blockchain Wallet.

September 06 2017: Stargroup Network Upgrades – Bringing Bitcoin to 2,900+ Australian ATMs.

September 04 2017: Amazing Bitcoin listed in our site now.

September 01 2017: 99 BTC min deposit is 0.05 btc now.

August 31 2017: Stock Funds was stop paying. Contact us if you were lost money in Stock Funds.

August 30 2017: Bitcoin Cash Price Technical Analysis - BCH/USD To Test $500.

August 27 2017: Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis - Can BTC/USD Break $4500?

August 25 2017: Bitcoin Futures Trading stop paying today, we will refund all lost for our clients.

August 24 2017: Growing Income stop paying today, we will refund all lost for our clients.

August 21 2017: Japan's Largest C2C Ticket Marketplace with 5 Million Users Accepts Bitcoin.

August 18 2017: NEW Bitcoin Investment Site Bitcoin Reward lunched.

August 17 2017: FAST BITCOIN WAS CLOSED , We will refund all lost for our clients.

August 16 2017: BTC 1000 MIN DEPOSITED IS 0.25 BTC NOW , It is the best time to invest in the serious investment program.

August 15 2017: Big Bitcoin reduce min deposit to 0.05 btc.

August 14 2017: Bitbay Exchange Enters Indian Cryptocurrency Markets.

August 07 2017: Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis - BTC/USD Eyes $3500.

August 05 2017: Gold Stock Investment min deposit reduced to 0.03 btc .

August 04 2017: Bitcoin Price Breaks $2,800 Mark as Institutional Investors Drive Demand.

July 27 2017: The New Big HYIP : BITEX BTC Lunched today.

July 25 2017: Beijing Summit Highlights Bitcoin and Blockchain Global Expansion.

July 21 2017: Belfrics Launches Exchange in the Face of Indian Demonetization.

July 16 2017: Our Investment Plan added a new bitcoin payment proof.

July 15 2017: August 1 and the Potential Disruption of the Bitcoin Network.

July 11 2017: ETH/USD and ETH/BTC Technical Analysis July 11, 2017.

July 09 2017: New HYIP 13X Bitcoin added in our site. It is the shortest term investment program.

July 04 2017: Crytpo Trade Investment was stop paying, Please don't invest now.

July 03 2017: 99 BTC fix their investment terms, It is still paying.

July 01 2017: Bitcoin Multiplier increase their ROI ,Invest Bitcoins and get 100X After 3 days! The minimum invest is 0.2 BTC.

June 30 2017: India's Finance Minister Holds Private Meeting On Bitcoin Regulation.

June 27 2017: Poland's Largest Food Delivery with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting Bitcoin.

June 26 2017: BitCurrency was stop paying, Please don't invest from now on. we will refund all lost for our clients.

June 24 2017: Bitcoin 7 Investment min is 0.05 btc and multiply 40x your bitcoin deposited.

June 20 2017: The Best Investment Sites on 2017 Year.

June 19 2017: Bitcoin Multiply Site List was created, It is the best bitcoin investment sites. Great BTC reduce min deposit to $200.

June 16 2017: Remitano Expands Bitcoin Remittance Services Into Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

June 12 2017: Guaranteed Profit Investment use new bitcoin address and the min is 0.05 btc,Please check it before invested.

June 09 2017: Financial Analyst Andy Hoffman Says We Should Be Thankful for Bitcoin.

June 06 2017: Russian Think Tank Says the Bitcoin Boom Is Real.

June 03 2017: New HYIP : Big Bitcoin Lunched and paying us on time.

May 29 2017: BTC/USD and BTC/JPY Technical Analysis May 29.

May 26 2017: Bitcoin Price Blazes Past $2400 and Higher in Japan, India and South Korea.

May 24 2017: Contingent Investment added new bitcoin payment proof, They are paying on time.

May 23 2017: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/23/2017 - What's Up with the Nonstop Climb?

May 22 2017: Bitcoin 100 added in our Paying HYIP List.

May 20 2017: The Bitcoin Multiplier X100 reduced the min deposit to 0.05 BTC.

May 19 2017: As Bitcoin's Value Rises Real Estate for BTC Sales Follows the Trend.

May 17 2017: New Paying Site BTC Qatar Listed in our hyip monitor.

May 15 2017: Huge Income increase their Investment ROI.

May 13 2017: Bitstamp Now Accepts Credit Cards for Bitcoin Purchases In The US.

May 11 2017: The New Paying HYIP Real Bitcoin Added in our Premium HYIP List.

May 09 2017: Our Investment Plan added New bitcoin Payment Proof, Multiply Bitcoin min deposit is 0.05 BTC now.

May 06 2017: Litecoin Value Increases by 700% As Politics Still Prevent Bitcoin From Scaling.

May 02 2017: Bitcoin Price Analysis: Keeping Grounded as Price Skyrockets.

April 29 2017: New Bitcoin Investment site BTC Single lunched and add in our Premium HYIP List.

April 27 2017: Overstock's Medici and Ripio to Bring Bitcoin Financial Services to Emerging Markets.

April 25 2017: Bitcoin multiplier reduced min deposit to 0.2 btc . It is good time to invest.

April 24 2017: Why 'Billionaire' Novogratz Holds 10% of His Wealth in Bitcoin and Ether.

April 20 2017: Billionaire Mike Novogratz is an Early Ethereum and Bitcoin Adopter.

April 17 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; Here's What Happened Today And What's Next.

April 16 2017: New Paying HYIP Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier added in our Paying HYIP list.

April 15 2017: Legalizing Bitcoin, Japan to Standardize Blockchain Technology.

April 12 2017: More Money Income raise their investment ROI , It is trust investment program.

April 06 2017: BTC Capital Remove from our Paying HYIP List.

April 03 2017: Mexico's New Bill Could Be a Game Changer for Bitcoin.

March 31 2017: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 03/31/2017 - Bullish Pressure Kicking In.

March 29 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; A Profitable Evening's Trading.

March 26 2017: Bitcoin Payments Coming to 56,000+ Merchants Globally.

March 24 2017: Coin Bitcoin was added in our Premium HYIP list.

March 20 2017: Qatar Bitcoin Investment was closed. we refund all lost for our members yet.

March 18 2017: Major Exchanges Will Consider Bitcoin Unlimited a "New Asset".

March 16 2017: Gold Stock Investment min is 0.07 BTC now.

March 15 2017: Speculation Decreases Bitcoin's Dominance in Cryptocurrency Markets.

March 12 2017: Norway Asks Online Drug Dealers to Pay up, in Bitcoin.

March 09 2017: Digital Assets Tax Policy Coalition Formed to Simplify the US Bitcoin Tax System.

March 07 2017: Gleen Management added new bitcoin payment proof today, Fast Bitcoin min invest is reduced to $200.

March 5th 2017: Bitcoin Times was added today! Multiply Your Bitcoins Now.

March 4th 2017: Bitcoin Save reduced min deposit to 0.05 BTC , More Money Income add a new bitcoin payment proof.

March 3th 2017: Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Surpasses 6 Million Active Users.

Feburary 27 2017: One Hour HYIP increase the ROI, Fix their investment plan and add a payment proof page,It is a good hyip with a honest admin!

Feburary 25 2017: Bitcoin Price Watch; $1,200 On The Cards?

Feburary 21 2017: 10X BTC MULTIPLY 10x YOUR BITCOINS WITHIN 10 Minutes, Min is 0.05 BTC.

Feburary 19 2017: Our Investment Plan were updated , Please check it . You can make higher profits in a short time.

Feburary 17 2017: A Closer Look at How and Why Bitcoin is Traded P2P in Russia and Venezuela.

Feburary 15 2017: Bitcoin Gold Stock Investment fixed the investment plans and paying on time, High Interest Investment min is $200 and increase the interest rate.

Feburary 14 2017: Stock Funds increase their ROI and reduce the min deposit to $100.

Feburary 12 2017: Qatar Bitcoin Investment added new bitcoin payment proof. It is paying fine almost one year.

Feburary 11 2017: Bitcoin Transactions Declared VAT-Exempt in Norway.

Feburary 09 2017: Silver Investment paying well for 2 years, now min deposit reduced to $250 , More small investors can be joined.

Feburary 07 2017: Polish Financial Regulator Infects Various National Banks With Malware.

Feburary 05 2017: Security Investment modify their investment plan , Min is $100.

Feburary 04 2017: New Paying HYIP Site Lunched : Bitcoin VFX Trade Min is $200.

Feburary 02 2017: Experts Discuss Future Bitcoin Price Movement Expectations.

January 31 2017: Bitcoin Payments Startup BitPesa Raises $2.5 Million.

January 27 2017: Bitcoin's Volume is Continuing to Decline at Major Exchanges.

January 25 2017: Why Segregated Witness Will NOT Decrease the Memory Burden on Nodes.

January 23 2017: Bitcoin Investment Trust Could IPO by October.

January 20 2017: Market Infrastructure Giants to Tap DLT for Collateral Management. BTC Capital reduce min deposit and raise the investment rate.

January 19 2017: Nigeria: Banks That Handle Bitcoin Do So 'At Their Own Risk'.

January 17 2017: Canadian Stock Investment min is $250 now, Small investor can invest start $250, It is a good long term investment program. Canada Goose May Soon Start Accepting Bitcoin.

January 16 2017: Cashaa to Launch its Services in India and Nigeria, Bitcoin Stock add payment proof page.

January 15 2017: German TV Channel Says Bitcoin Is "Digital Gold".

January 13 2017: Creditbit sees unprecedented price surge.

January 09 2017: Bitcoin HYIP min $100 & minute paying hyip , It is the choice for small investors.

January 08 2017: Bitcoin Save fix their investment Plan and we updated a payment proof.

January 07 2017: 2 Hours BTC Investment reduced the min deposit to 0.5 btc.

January 06 2017: Is Bitcoin the Currency of Artificial Intelligence?

January 05 2017: Indonesia Introduces New Regulation For P2P Lending Startups.

January 03 2017: Golden Investment was stop paying, Please don't invest and Recover your lost with us now.

January 02 2017: Bitcoin Price Gains Over 50 Percent in 2016, Bitcoin is the best way to invest in hyips.

January 01 2017: Happy New Year 2017! Let's make great profits from HYIP Investment on 2017 year. Follow us , You have no risk investment.

Hyip News 2016

December 31 2016: Sweden's eKrona Initiative Doesn't Have Many Takers.

December 29 2016: Geopolitical Turmoil Spurs Bitcoin Investments Worldwide.

December 26 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/26/2016 - Bulls in a Festive Mood Above $900.

December 24 2016: Merry Christmas! Bitcoin is the best way to invest in hyip on 2016!

December 22 2016: Elon Musk, Appointed to Trump's Team of Advisories, Thinks Bitcoin Is a "Good Thing".

December 19 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/19/2016 - Breaking Past $800!

December 18 2016: Mclain Finance added in our site today which paying for 7 months.

December 17 2016: You can check Bitcoin Multiplier X100 Bitcoin Proof of Payment.

December 16 2016: Korean Digital Currency 'BOScoin' to Launch in Feb 2017.

December 15 2016: The New Best HYIP Lunched : Bitcoin Multiplier X100.

December 14 2016: Gas Investment stop paying, Please don't invest from now on . Contact us if you lost money in Gas Investment.

December 12 2016: How A New Hedge Fund is Paving the Way for Bitcoin.

December 09 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 12/09/2016 - Bulls Trying Harder.

December 07 2016: Migrant Workers Attract Remittance Startup Bitspark to Southeast Asia.

December 05 2016: New Contenders Emerge to Replace London as EU's Fintech Hub.

December 03 2016: Venture Finance add new payment proof. India's Mahindra Group Develops Blockchain With IBM.

November 30 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched: Venture Finance min is $400 .

November 28 2016: Payeer Investment stop paying, Stop Invest now , All lost invetment , we will return. Unocoin is leading the Bitcoin Revolution in India.

November 27 2016: Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology: Understanding the Ground Reality.

November 25 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/25/2016 - Hold or Fold at Channel Support?

November 23 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/23/2016 - Gunning for $800? Bliss BTC added new bitcoin payment proof.

November 21 2016: New Paying HYIP Program lunched and listed in our site , Bliss BTC.

November 19 2016: Indian Bitcoin Mining Pool GBMiners Obtains 5% Hashpower.

November 18 2016: Bitcoin 1000X added New Bitcoin Payment Proof.

November 17 2016: Dubai To Host A Bitcoin Regulation Workshop On November 20.

November 13 2016: Bitcoin Tests 2016 Highs as Investors Seek Privacy.

November 11 2016: Deutsche Bank: Capital Markets Expect Blockchain Impact Within 6 Years.

November 08 2016: LYC HYIP ADDED INTO OUR TOP 5 HYIPS LIST NOW. You can invest in LYC HYIP wihout risk.

November 07 2016: New Program Bitcoin 1000X listed in our Premium HYIPs List. Great BTC Investment Added New Payment Proof. Colorado Cannabis Operations Begin Banking With Bitcoin

November 06 2016: Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis - BTC/USD to Regain Strength

November 04 2016: New Best Paying HYIP Program Lunched : Great BTC Investment , Invest now, It is the best time to invest when a new program opening.

November 03 2016: Cana Funds was closed today, Stop Invest.

November 01 2016: BTC Invest Fund added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 31 2016: Happy Halloween Day! Switzerland's SBB Will Offer Franc-to-Bitcoin Trading.

October 28 2016: Effort Retirement added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 24 2016: BTC INVEST FUND was lunched today.

October 19 2016: Pensioner Bonds added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 18 2016: Effort Retirement was lunched today and added in our Premiun HYIP List.

October 15 2016: Pensioner Bonds was lunched today and added in our Premiun HYIP List.

October 12 2016: 99X BTC added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 11 2016: Your Favotite Business Will Accept Bitcoin Soon - Here's Why?

October 10 2016: Dubai BTC added a new bitcoin payment proof.

October 09 2016: 99X BTC was lunched today.

October 08 2016: Hold Gain Fix their Investment plan details, They are paying high ROI in an hour.

October 07 2016: The New Bitcoin Investment Plan added : Dubai BTC. Bitcoin Money Insurance add a perfect money payment proof.

October 06 2016: We Fix the Premium Sticky List , You can check the left five top programs on our pages.

October 05 2016: New Big Paying HYIP Program Lunched : Bitcoin Money Insurance .

October 03 2016: Kumani Fund was scam hyip site. Stop Investing, If you lost money , Please contact us for refund.

September 30 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/30/2016 - Another Test of Range Support?

September 27 2016: HYPM Investment Funds Added a Bitcoin Payment Proof.

September 25 2016: New Program Lunched and Paying on time HYPM Investment Funds.

September 24 2016: Yelp allows for Bitcoin payment notification.

September 19 2016: Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Collapse Looms in Vietnam.

September 17 2016: XCoinCall.com Launches Safe, Stable BitCoin Phone Service.

September 13 2016: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 09/13/2016 - Pullback to Broken Support?

September 10 2016: Contingent Investment Added Bitcoin payment proof.

September 06 2016: Hong Kong's FinTech Market Is Bitcoin Focused

August 30 2016: Could Blockchain Technology Cybersecure Elections?

August 27 2016: Fast Bitcoin is paying on time. we added new bitcoin payment proof.

August 25 2016: Contingent Investment Lunched today , It is a serious investment company.

August 24 2016: New Paying HYIP site FBTC lunched today, It is time to invest.

August 23 2016: We have a new list for Bitcoin Double Game, New Game Bitcoin 100X added.

August 21 2016: Isilines Accepts Bitcoin Payments For International Bus Travel.

August 20 2016: Fresh Fund Still paying on time. we added new bitcoin payment proof.

August 15 2016: Bitcoin Price Slumps While Altcoins Party.


August 06 2016: New Program Lunched and Paying on time LYC HYIP.

August 05 2016: ETC credits will be available soon on Coinbase.

August 03 2016: Bitfinex hacked, halts trading, deposits and withdrawals.

July 28 2016: One Hour HYIP added new bitcoin payment proof.

July 25 2016: High Return Stocks stop paying, we will recover all lost for our clients, contact us with your deposited details.

July 22 2016: The Bit Currency Investment add a Perfect Money Proof, Best High Yield Interest CD was closed. we will recover all lost for our clients.

July 21 2016: South African Banks Trial Blockchain Solutions

July 17 2016: Top HYIP Monitor Plan add bonus now , You'll get an extra 30% bonus of your deposited.

July 13 2016: Multiply Bitcoins Add New Bitcoin Payment Proof.

July 10 2016: The Best Investment HYIP List on 2016 was updated.

July 05 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched BitCurrency, Another Perfect Money Payment Proof added.

July 04 2016: Bitcoin Stock added a Perfect Money Payment Proof.

July 01 2016: New HYIP Program Listed in our site : Bitcoin Stock.

June 29 2016: We don't Provide Yahoo Messenger from now on, because only a few clients use. But the yahoo email services is still working . Payinghyiponline@yahoo.com

June 28 2016: Growing Income added a Perfect Money Payment Proof.

June 27 2016: Argentina has lost in the penalty shootout on the America's Cup again, Don't cry, Messi , You are the best football player.

June 26 2016: The Bitcoin Supply Chain Added into the Top 5 HYIPs page.

June 22 2016: Payment Proof are not update everyday , Because there are too many Paying HYIPs, the workload is too heavy, we can not do update daily.

June 19 2016: More feedbacks from our clients daily , Please check Testimonials page.

June 18 2016: The Tophyip.biz Investment Plan raise the daily interest. It is a good news for investors. they are in our Top 5 HYIPs .

June 15 2016: Gas Investment added new perfect money payment proof.

June 14 2016: We provide a gmail account : payinghyiponline2@gmail.com , You can mail to our gmail account if you have questions.

June 12 2016: New Bitcoin Payment Proof added on Payment Proof. Bitcoin Price arrived $670, It is the best time to invest via bitcoins, If you don't know how to use bitcoin , Please contact us.

June 11 2016: Bitcoin Investment Bank Stop Paying, Please don't invest from now on. If you lost money , Please mail to us.

June 10 2016: Eec Bitcoin added new perfect money payment proof.

June 09 2016: New Paying Program Lunched : Bitcoin Supply Chain.

June 07 2016: Bitcoin Save added new bitcoin payment proof.

June 04 2016: Brother Finance was scam , Please don't invest. If you still don't get your principal back , Mail to us , we will cover your lost.

June 03 2016: New Payment Proof Added, Please check our Payment Proof Page.

June 02 2016: New Paying HYIP Program EECBITCOIN Lunched.

June 01 2016: Citrus Investment and Fast Investment Return Add perfect money payment proof.

May 31 2016: Bitcoin Mutual Fund Added a Payeer Payment Proof .

May 30 2016: Many investors want to know how to Join our recover lost plan, They lost money in hyips and want to recover their lost from them. It is very easy,This only needs to meet 2 points.
1,You must invest in our Paying HYIP List. 2, You must invest under our referral link. Just make invest from our site's link.

May 28 2016: New Paying HYIP Citrus Investment Lunched, Hyip Monitor Investment Plan add new bitcoin payment proof.

May 24 2016: Our HYIP Monitor Investment Plan was listed on TopHYIP's, It is on Rank #1.

May 23 2016: The Guaranteed Profit Investment 's Paying on time today, all other listed hyips are paying on time, we will check everyday!

May 22 2016: Forex Inestment is stop paying , Please don't invest!

May 20 2016: Canada Stock Investment Added a Perfect Money Proof .

May 19 2016: Two programs added in Best Investment 2016.

May 18 2016: 2 Hour Bitcoin Investment Added a Bitcoin payment proof.

May 17 2016: New Program Canadian Stock Investment listed in our paying list.

May 16 2016: Growing Income is min deposit rasie to $200, Check it before Invest. How to use BlockChain Bitcoin Wallet?

May 15 2016: King Capital Investment and Legit HYIP updated new perfect money payment proof.

May 13 2016: One Paying Bitcoin Double Site : Multiply Bitcoin.

May 11 2016: 2 New payment proof upload on Payment Proof Page.

May 09 2016: The Top 5 hyips Updated, Check It.

May 08 2016: FX ELITE WAS STOP PAYING, Please don't Invest . we will refund all referrals' lost deposited in FX ELITE. Please contact us about your deposited details.

May 05 2016: 2 New payment proof upload on Payment Proof Page.

May 04 2016: New Paying HYIP Program Lunched :Abu Dhabi Bitcoin .

May 01 2016: We add some clients' feedback in our site , Please check here .

April 29 2016: The Capital 7 was stop paying, Please don't invest again.

April 27 2016: The New HYIP site Bitcoin Pay Lunched, It looks a new great program.

April 26 2016: Amazing 5 stop paying, Please don't invest from now on, If you still don't get the principal back,Please mail to us ,we will cover your lost.

April 25 2016: The King Capital Investment's min deposit reduce to $3000, Reducing the investment threshold, so that more investors can participate.

April 22 2016: The Best Investment HYIP was updated , Please check here.

April 20 2016: Brother Finance and BEST HYIP are not accept perfect money deposit , They only accept bitcoin deposit now. Bitcoin is very popular in hyip world.

April 18 2016: Our Investment Plan Min deposit reduced to $10,000 Please check Here

April 16 2016: New HYIP Article Added ,HYIP Investment is Better than Gambing.

April 15 2016: New Paying HYIP program Lunched : BTCCapital.biz

April 14 2016: New Payment Proof Added For High Interest Investments.

April 12 2016: New Payment Proof Added For Best HYIPs.

April 10 2016: New HYIP Article Added , Principles Safe in HYIPs.

April 08 2016: Cana Funds added new payment perfect money proof.

April 07 2016: Don't Get Scammed in HYIP.

April 04 2016: New Payment Proof Added, Check it now

April 02 2016: New HYIP Article Added , Check It Here.

April 01 2016: Good Payment Received From Qatar Bitcoin Investment.

March 30 2016: Our site added new HYIP Article, What is difference between HYIP and forex.


March 25 2016: The LAST 10 VOTES Programs were updated.

March 24 2016: Qatar Bitcoin Added in our paying hyip list.

March 20 2016: FX Elite Added new payment proof.

March 18 2016: Bitcoin 7 Investment Added new payment proof.

March 17 2016: $30750 Perfect Money Payment From Huge Income, Check the Payment Proof Page.

March 15 2016: Proxtrade was stop paying, If you lost money , Just mail to us with the proof, we will return 100% of your lost. The Brother Finance added new perfect money payment proof.

March 12 2016: King Capital Investment min reduce from $20000 to $5000 for our site's clients, That is Special for our referrals. It is the best time to invest in King Capital Investment.

March 08 2016: Capital 7 was added in our Paying List .

March 07 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched : Bitcoin 7 Investment

March 02 2016: Bitcoin HYIP and Security Investment Add New Payment Proof. we already return all investors' lost on HYIPS THAT PAY AND SMEAR INVEST .

March 01 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched : Bitcoin HYIP ; HYIPS THAT PAY AND SMEAR INVEST STOP PAYING ; 10Xbtc add New Payment Proof .

February 29 2015: New Paying HYIP Lunched : 10X Bitcoin .

February 25 2015: New Paying HYIP Lunched : Security Investment ; The BTC Futures Trading Updated New Payment Proof.

February 23 2016: Guaranteed Profit Invetment was named The Top 5 HYIPs , The 1st place . Please check Top5hyip.

February 20 2016: Pension Put and Perfect Profit Online The Perfect Money Payment Proof were updated.

February 19 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched : 2 Hours Bitcoin Investment ; Some Payment Proof Updated , Please check our Payment Proof Page

February 18 2016: New Paying HYIP Lunched : Get Bitcoin Fast

February 17 2016: Some Payment Proof Updated , Please check our Payment Proof Page

February 13 2016: Bitcoin has become more important in HYIP World, Most of Investors accept bitcoin and use bitcoins , If you still can't use bitcoins , You must study, You can seach on google and find more information on use bitcoin wallet.

February 08 2016: Happy Chinese New Year!

January 31 2016: Do you want to buy a house and a car with bitcoins? It is real . You can buy. But you need to make bitcoins From Bitcoin Investment HYIP.

January 23 2016: The Top Five HYIPs was updated Please check The Top5HYIPs

January 14 2016: How to Invest in HYIPs with Credit Card

January 13 2016: The New HYIP Lunched : Golden Investment

January 11 2016: How to use Coinbase? Buy/Sell Bitcoin on Coinbase ? Earn Bitcoins on HYIPs

January 02 2016: The 2016 Bonus delay to Jan 8th,Please check Here

January 01 2016: Say Goodbye to 2015, Say Hello to 2016, we will give the better services for our clients. we create an page for the best investment 2016, The program are the best hyip which list on the page.

Check The HYIP NEWS ON 2015 Year



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